Best Paths


SPORE - Best Paths (personally)

The best ways to be, in space

Spore is kind of about strategy, just a little bit, a teeny tibble.
So why not TELL YOU what the best strategies are (in my opinion)?

1. Knight

Knight might as well easily be the greatest archetype, due to it's sinister orange glow and the perfect ability for an aggressive captain... Oh, and also, the path is good.
The optimal path for Knight is:

Omnivore > Predator > Friendly > Military
Omnivore gets you Gentle Generalist, which gives you a discount on general space tools, and brings Summon Swarm to Creature stage, which is good for Predator, which gives you Prime Specimen, which gives you more ship health.
Friendly in Tribal Stage gives you Gracious Greeting, which gives you a +10 relationship bonus to every empire you meet, which makes friendly empires automatically friends, and angry empires automatically neutral. No more enemy territory!
Military gives you Pirate B Gone, which reduces the amount/rate of piracy attacks done to your planets.
And, plus, Knight has a very good ability for fighting: Summon Mini-U, which spawns another ship of yours to fight in your fleet for a couple good minutes. Once the ship goes away, it will instantly be available again, which is... funny.

2. Bard

Bard is my favorite philosophy personally, because they're just cool to me, yknow. They're also good for peaceful players. The optimal path for Bard is:
Omnivore > Adaptable > Friendly > Economic
"Hey, wait, this is basically just what Knight-" Shhhshshshhh...
Omnivore, as I explained earlier, gives you a discount on general tools, and also has Summon Swarm, which is good for Adaptable... REALLY good for adaptable.
Adaptable gives you Speed Demon, which allows you to travel to different stars faster in Space stage. Optimal for dodging Grox territory to get your grubby graspers on Steve's Staff of Life.
Friendly still gives you that +10 relationship with everyone.
Economic increases spice production for your colonies, which is good for trading, which makes your money and your relationship.
Bard also gives you the ability of Soothing Song, which calms down empires for a little bit. Not permanently.

3. Diplomat

Diplomat is... alright, I guess. ..I mean-
Diplomat is good if neutrality's your thing. The optimal path for Diplomat is:
Omnivore > Social > Friendly > Economic
Same old, same old. Let us get through this quickly.
Omnivore makes tools cheaper. Social gives you the Pleasing Performance ability, which makes your colonies happier and less likely to revolt. I haven't ever ran into this issue, though. It will make sure that you can place more factories in your colonies, though, and not run the risk of protests, which cause less income. Money is important in this universe!
Friendly gives you relationship, and Economic makes more money.

Really, I'm starting to notice that money is important in all these. Although, for a Diplomat, money is quite important, as you can give it to people to up your relationship, buy tools, or buy stars to make even more money.
Diplomats also have the ability of Static Cling, which disables enemy turrets and ships on the planet. I don't see much use other than to place embassies if you're friendly, but for an aggressive captain, it will be good for demolishing enemy colonies.
To each their own.

Moral of the story?
Be an omnivore.