Making Empires


SPORE - Making Empires

Ever wanted to raise your own space empire with monoliths?

Whether you knew or not, SPORE lets you create another sentient species to soon become their own empire. The way to do this is through a "Monolith", sold by Shamans, Traders, Scientists, and Zealots.
(You can also buy it from your own empire, but your empire will provite ludicrous prices in comparison to others.)

If you have an uncolonized planet with an animal species present, purchase your monolith, enter the planet, equip it in the Socialization tab, and click anywhere on the planet. If you want to pick a specific species on the planet, place the monolith closest to a creature of that species!
Your monolith will be placed in a short cutscene.

Wait a little bit (1-3 minutes) and you will get a notification on the bottom left corner of your screen, saying "Planet [name] in star [name] has evolved to the Tribe stage!"

You can come into the planet and view the tribal planet, but you can't really do much.
After a longer period of time, the creatures evolve into a civilization.

After an even longer period of time, once one nation of the civilization becomes dominant, wait a while and the species will become a space empire.
Initiate contact with this species and they will show great appreciation, and you can welcome them to space.

You will also get a +50 relationship point bonus for granting them sentience.

And that... is how you make an empire.


A few notes:

It does not have to be a T3. It can be any planet that holds life.

Shamans, Scientists, and Zealots have the best deal on a Monolith. (250,000)

You cannot decide the philosophy of the empire.

The empire will not be angry if you stole spice or destroyed homes during Tribal or Civilization.